Narrative story : The Stupid King !

Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

       Once upon a time, there was a king who loved to wear new clothes. He spent much time just looking at herself in the mirror, and always wanted to wear new clothes in the morning, noon and night! One day, came two fraudsters posing as a great dress maker. They claimed that they are good at weaving and making clothes with very good quality. fabric that they used to made clothes will not be visible, except by smart people.

       When the king heard this, he was very interested. "That's great, I can know who is stupid and anyone who is smart in this kingdom." He thought. The king immediately ordered the two men to make new clothes for himself, using a special fabric. They were given a special room in the palace, along with threads of gold which they have requested. Both fraudsters hide the threads of gold which they receive, and then pretend to work hard to make a dress.

       A few days later, the impatient king sent his ministers to look at clothes that are being made it special. When the minister visited the deceiver in disguise, he was confused. "I do not see anything here" he thought. But the minister did not want to admit it because they do not want to be stupid. So he praised both the swindler and said that the clothes they make are very beautiful. After the minister out of the room, both burst out laughing trickster.
Soon the king came to see. She tried to see the whole room, but he did not see anything. However, because they didn’t want to be stupid, the king pretended to see the special clothes and said, "Clothes are very beautiful, I can not wait to wear it"

       The next day is the day that the king will wear his new shirt at the parade around the city. Both fraudsters masquerading has said goodbye and left the grounds will make clothes for the king of the other kingdoms. Of course, they do not forget to bring the threads of gold which they had hidden, and gold money wages to make clothes.

       When the king wearing his new clothes, he still could not see the clothes, and he felt cold. But because they do not want to say stupid, the king was circling in front of the mirror and admiring his new clothes, although he did not see anything. All the royal officials also said that the new clothes were beautiful, because they also do not want to be stupid.

      All people should hear that the king would have been wearing new clothes that day's specials. When the king appeared, all surprised. But they have also heard that a special new outfit that can only be seen by people who are smart, and because they do not want to be stupid, they cry out praising the king.

       Suddenly the sound of children screaming, "but he did not wear clothes, the king is naked!" All was silent. King realized that the little boy telling the truth, and hurriedly he walked back to the palace.

Oh my god ! what a pity king he is.. 

moral value : we can learn something important from this story. that we don't have to believe with somebody new or a stranger. It would be harmly and embarrasingly like what the froudster do with the king. in our life ,we have to thing everything with a good sense. 

source :
translated by Primaniarta Subroto

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smansa mengatakan...

Good and nice story !


nata-mkp mengatakan...

thank you sir.

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